Video of the Day: Sky with No Light Pollution

American photographers illustrate what the sky of Los Angeles would look like if we could actually see the stars.

Photographers Gavin Heffernam and Harun Mehdedinovic posted the video “Skyglow,” showing what Los Angeles would look like at night if the stars could be seen in the city.

The footage was supported by the International Dark-Sky Association. The goal of the project is to explain Skyglow phenomenon which is when the lights of a city diffuse in low layers of the atmosphere and make stars invisible.

To show what residents of megalopolises are missing, the photographers made a time lapse video of Los Angeles at night and combined it with a video of starry nights in the remote places of North America.

Recently they started a Kickstarter campaign to collect money for publishing a book on astrophotography. You can support the project until May 9th.

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