Volvo’s Ad Features the Beauty of Swedish Winter

Director Gustav Johansson shot Volvo's V70, XC70 and XC60 models with a background of January landscapes.

Last week, Volvo company released a video ad for their V70, VC70 and XC60 models. The ad was shot during winter in Sweden. Director Gustav Johansson was inspired the Swedish word ‘vemod,’ which means tender melancholy when speaking about something sad, yet beautiful at the same time. Johansson captured beautiful landscapes: from glaciers in the North, to forests and mountains covered with snow, to rainy Stockholm. In a description, Johansson wrote that tourists flock to his country during the warm summer period, but only residents stays during the melancholic January, the time that describes Sweden the best.

Th video is accompanied by the song “Vintersaga” by Amanda Bergman.

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