Work with clients: 5 rules of Reka Nyari

Sign up for training, set up a website and get an agent - advices for beginners from New York fashion photographer Reka Nyari


Work with clients: 5 rules of Reka Nyari

Sign up for training, set up a website and get an agent – advices for beginners from New York fashion photographer Reka Nyari.

In the series of materials “Work With Clients” Bird In Flight asks experienced photographers of various specialties to share how they learned and what, where they find clients and what work principles they try to follow. In the 3rd edition — rules of Reka Nyari, a fashion and nude photographer from New York.

Reka Nyari
35 years oldReka Nyari,

Based in NYC. Shoots for Esquire, Vanity Fair, Tattler, Korean Cosmopolitan, Twill. Her 225-page monograph “Femme Fatale: Female Erotic Photography” has been translated into 6 languages.

Don’t ignore the importance of training and workshops

I never studied photography formally. I have a degree in Fine Arts from SVA (School of Visual Arts) where I only took a few photography classes. I then spent years learning on my own through practice, online tutorials, and workshops. In order to continue self-education you need to have not just drive, but discipline too. That is why it’s up to one’s personality whether they can learn on their own. I’m actually hosting a very exclusive Photography Workshop in Andalusia this Sept, that covers everything from Photography business to client communication.

Launch a site as soon as possible

I’d recommend budding photographers to put up a basic site as soon as they have a few images they are proud of. Basically, as early as possible. It doesn’t need to be elaborate and expensive. There are a few great portfolio building sites that are inexpensive and easy to use. I’d also recommend them to start posting images online onto many of the Photography sharing sites. In the beginning of my career, Flickr made a huge impact on getting my images out there, and I got many of my first jobs through that exposure. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also your friends! You never know who will see your work, and from where your next assignment will come from.

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Delegate administrative issues

I do not have an agent at the moment, although I’m currently researching Photographer’s reps and agencies. I’d love to partner up with someone who truly believes in my work and who has the contacts and know-how to take me to the next level. Although I am good at promoting myself and my work, doing less on the administrative side would leave a lot more time for creativity.

Preplan every detail

Usually my jobs start with an email or a phone call from a client, after which we start researching and planning. On more complicated shoots, I’d ideally have at least 2 weeks before the actual shoot date. But sometimes that’s just not possible. In that case I’ll end up having a very hectic week prior to the shoot date!

When working with clients, a large part of my time goes on planning and pre-production. It’s not unusual for me to spend numerous hours emailing, creating moodboards, finding the right stylist, hair, and make-up artists, researching ideas and direction, and casting.

Communication with clients is definitely very important. I like to be as clear as possible about every little detail that I can think of prior to the shoot date. That way the whole team can be prepared. Sometimes the client can be unsatisfied with fantastic images, and vice versa. It could be anything from correct samples not coming on time to the board of directors changing their opinion about the model’s haircolor.

Ask questions

Never assume that you are on the same level with your clients, or your team. Make sure that you communicate with them to understand the direction exactly, as well as any special requests they may have. The better you have the shoot planned beforehand, the smoother things will go on set.

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