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Medieval emoji, human organs made of flowers and advice on how to take photos of stars in Bird In Flight’s weekly digest.

42 photographs about life on the farm

Feature Shoot published a photo collection about the life of farmers, including workers, kids, cute animals and lots of greenery. The shots were sent by readers of the site and were edited by photographer Gabriela Herman.

How to take photos of stars

Photographer and Digital Photography School editor Darlene Hildebrandt put together a gallery of photos of a starry sky with advice on how to take the best pictures of one.

Bowels of flowers

Artist Camila Carlow creates human organs from herbs and berries. She believes people treat their organs as carelessly as city plants which grow regardless of stone walls, concrete and the poor ecology.

Aluminum and an anthill

What happens when melted aluminum is poured on an anthill (anthills are used in the experiment without ants).

Medieval Emoji

Colossal examines the historian Erik Kwakkel, who published the scribbles of medieval scribes in the margins of manuscripts. The authors were either testing their pens or rescuing themselves from boredom during the reading of philosophical treatises. (^_^)

The beauty of collectivity

Photographer Osama Yokonami shot a series of surrealistic photographs, in which anonymous girls are inserted into minimalist Japanese landscapes. The models in the frames move in unison or in entirely unpredictable ways. They appear very harmonious.

Google Maps on a living room floor

For those who enjoy looking at Earth from a plane, designer Florian Pucher has created сarpets with satellite photos. A 4 x 6 canvas can be purchased for $1,200.

Don’t upset a photographer in the field

Photographer and teacher Tony Northrup discusses, what annoys photographers more than anything while shooting wildlife. Yes, even such patient people can get irritated.

Passing on Instagram

The website published an article about those who rejected an offer to work on the launch of Instagram. Some were indifferent, while others decided that its founder, Kevin Systrom, wasn’t serious about the project. Now they all claim they don’t regret anything. It doesn’t sound very believable, to be honest.

Art that’s stronger than war

In an interview with Art Radar, Afghan street artist Shamsia Hassani talks about her work in conditions of universal misunderstanding, her collaboration with Banksy and why the burqa is not the biggest problem for the women of the Muslim world.

PornHub removed from Times Square

The first offline advertisment of PornHub vanished from a Times Square billboard in New York. Probably, the building’s owners couldn’t handle the slogan, “All you need is hand”.

Ask Ethan

Business Insider shares the story of a boy named Ethan, who created for himself and his friends the Ethan Messenger. As a result, people whom Ethan didn’t even know began downloading his application. Now they overwhelm him with questions such as, “What to wear to work today?” and “What anime to watch in the evening?”.

What’s up Hong Kong?

A team of roof-climbers from Russia

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