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Dogs' shadows, tilted San Francisco, pictures through portholes and a petri dish with hand bacteria in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.
Wash with Soap

Tasha Sturm, a microbiologist at Cabrillo College in California, imprinted her son’s hand in a petri dish after he was playing in the street and captured, how the bacteria grew.

Earth Through a Porthole

When you look at Jim Darling’s photos, you get the feeling that you’re sailing somewhere high above the clouds.

An Homage to the Master

French animator Glenn Germain unveiled the trailer to his animated film which will be a “declaration of love” to the classic anime of Hayao Miyazaki.

A True Consumer

Photographer Hong Hao has scanned every object that has been in his hands since 2001, and is now collecting things similar in shape into one huge collage.


Polish photographer Leszek Buynowskij creates new, amazing worlds in his photographs.

A Hundred Years Ago

Marvin O’Gorman, one of the pioneers of color photography, captured his daughter Christina on film in 1913 in such a way that it’s hard to tell if the pictures are from our era or not.

On an Incline

Karen Chang, the creator of the donut-selfie, shot a video of the streets of San Francisco on a slope.

Marine Life

Photographer Matty Smith shows what’s going on above and below the water line at the same time.

Old Friends

Beth Moon of San Francisco has spent 15 years taking pictures of the oldest trees on Earth with a starry backdrop.

He Saw His Own Shadow

Thomas Roma of New York made portraits of dogs’ shadows that look like cave drawings.

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