Hillary Clinton Ropes off Photographers

Walking in the July Fourth parade, the U.S. President candidate used a rope to corral the press

While walking through the streets during an Independence Day parade in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton roped off photographers and journalists. The organizers explained that they wanted to accommodate the press while allowing Clinton to greet voters, writes Petapixel.

According to witnesses, Clinton’s advance staffers not only kept the reporters away from Clinton, but also managed to pull them along the parade route.

Clinton, who is a Democratic Party candidate, has been heavily criticized by Republicans. The press already called the incident with the rope a new “Clinton innovation.”

“Hillary Clinton continues to demonstrate her obvious contempt and disdain for the Granite State’s style of grassroots campaigning,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee chairwoman Jennifer Horn. “The use of a rope line at a New Hampshire parade is a sad joke and insults the traditions of our first-in-the-nation primary.”

(Photo from the New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman Twitter’s account)

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