Maxim Dondyuk’s Video about Revolution Spirit

The video does not contain “any sense or content” to make visitors feel what was happening on Maidan.

Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk posted a video that documents the tragic events in Maidan Nezalezhnosti during the winter of 2013-2014. The film is part of an ongoing documentary project, “Culture of the Confrontation.” The photographer presented his work at photo exhibitions and is currently planning to publish a book. The video was shown in the Church of Saint-Merri (Paris, France) within the frames of French art-project “Decimpression”. The photographer says that in the future he wants to show the video to strangers on the streets, at festivals, at the cultural centers and other public places.

“My goal is not to show an idea or the importance of Maidan. The video was created to make a person feel how it was to be there. I wanted to submerge the person watching into the atmosphere of the emotions and images. The sound track serves the purpose as well. The video does not have any text or idea or sense or chronology or even dramatic composition. Only the feelings matter: associations and visual-acoustic perception of the created reality. It is not journalism, it is an art product,” says the photographer.

Music of Spanish composer and artist José Bautista was used in the film.

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