Design Studio REIFY Turns Sculpture into Sound and Video

New-York-based designers work under the app that will allow playing music and visuals encoded in 3D sculptures.

Design studio REIFY is fundraising to develop a mobile app that will be able to play music and visuals from a totem sculpture, writes The Creators Project. In April 2015, the designers released a series of totems, each representing a materialized song. The developed software synchronizes music with a 3D-printer.

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Now, REIFY set a goal to interpret the totem back into music. The studio developed a mobile app that will “read” the totem’s shape and play music and video on a mobile phone.

“I think that we have lost the multi-sensory/cross-sensory experience of sound. So, what we’re trying to do is reimagine where we can restore that physicality,” says REIFY’s CEO Allison Wood.

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