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Dolls for serious relationships, tattoo artists' offices, Italian retro-gothics and wings for Victoria’s Secret models

Looking For a Doll

Photographer Benita Marcussen documents long-term relations between men and dolls. On the images are Sasha and Lili, who gave their owner true happiness.

Tales of Nails

For almost 30 years artist John Bisbee has been creating geometric sculptures from rusty nails. His tagline is “Only Nails, Always Different.”

Beyond the Glass

Nick Turpin shoots photos of exhausted passengers on London buses. His series like “Through the Glass Darkly” typically provoke disputes about whether photographers have the right to shoot photos of people without their permission.

Early Goths

Dino Ignani shot photos of people who Italians called “darkies” in the early 1980s. Roman Goths revolted against mainstream aesthetics, but with time they were considered trendy.

Creative Order

The photo series “From the desk of…” shows the work places of tattoo masters, illustrators and designers. Contrary to stereotypes, the tables of creative people are in order.

Facts About Losses

Designer Valentina D’Efilippo and creator Nicolas Pigelet visualized death statistics in wars starting from 1914.

Close Strangers

Hemya Moran turned into mother, daughter, sister and lover for totally strange people for her latest photo project. “In a relatively short period of time I managed to create an industry of intimacy,” Moran admitted.

Blurred Lines

For the “Nude” project photographer Shinichi Maruyama shot dancers at the speed of 2,000 frames per second.

Profile Work

Andre Levy draws on coins replacing images of monarchs with profiles of heroes of mass culture.


Huffington Post showed how the wings of angels of Victoria’s Secret are created.

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