Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Presented an Online Project about WWII

There are dozens of selections of 1939-1945 photographs by themes on the website of the project.

Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance presented an online project called The Ukrainian Dimension of WWII: 1939–1945, which aims to shine light on the events of WWII in Ukraine. The new website has many historical documents, maps, photo and video materials.

“The project is aimed at a young audience, but at the same time, we understand that it is not the younger generation that struggles with understanding the Ukrainian past, but the adults who were never taught Ukrainian history, — Volodymyr Viatrovych, the head of the Institute, said.

There are also several selections of photographs from archives on the website, from the collections of the Pshenychnyi Central State Archives of Cine Photo Phono Documents, Ukrainian Center for Research on the Liberation Movement, and Bundesarchiv.


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