iPhone 7 Plus Compared to a 7-Year-Old Nikon DSLR

Lee Morris compared the photographs taken with the two devices.

Lee Morris, American photographer and author for FStoppers, published a video where he compared the performance of a camera installed on a new iPhone 7 Plus with Nikon D300s, a DSLR camera. He compared the photos and videos taken with the two devices.

Morris says that before he started the experiment, he did not believe that a phone camera can do nearly as well as a DSLR camera. “At the iPhone 7 Plus release, Apple said that this camera had DSLR quality. I am a little sick of hearing that. Camera manufacturers say that they have DSLR quality when it is not even close to DSLR quality. My friend Patrick argued with me and said that the new iPhone 7 Plus camera is probably pretty close to at least an older DSLR at this point. And I said: “No way!” That’s when we decided to set up a test.”

Shin Noguchi, a photographer from Japan, set up a similar test for a new iPhone’s camera earlier and compared it to Leica M9-P, which costs about $6,000.

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