Everybody Wants to Kill Bruce: Scenes from Iconic Movies Edited into One Short Film

Scenes from The Fifth Element, The Big Lebowski, and Pulp Fiction were united in one story.

French filmmaker Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat put together scenes from several dozen iconic movies and edited them so that they all aligned in one plot. The main character of the resulting short movie is Bruce Willis: for the entire length of the movie somebody is trying to kill him, but he escapes death every time.

Except the movies that feature Willis himself, the 12-minute compilation also includes scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, Mad Max, Burn After Reading, The Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Fuzz, The Hangover, and other movies.

This is the second work Chauvat did in this genre — several years ago he posted a similar short movie with the same plot and the same main character — it went viral online and had over 300,000 views.

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