Video from Stalin’s Funeral Shot by an American Diplomat Published Online

Radio Liberty showed the previously unpublished video from the funeral of the Soviet leader, shot by the assistance to the US military attache in the USSR, Martin Manhoff.

Joseph Stalin was buried in Moscow on March 9, 1953, four days after his death. In a ten-minute video shot by an American we see hundreds of Soviet soldiers wearing long coats making way for the coffin of the leader: the horses are slowly taking it to the Red Square.

Martin Manhoff’s footage is the only independent recording of the event. Stalin’s funeral was covered only in the official Soviet chronicle earlier, which was all summed up in the documentary called The Great Farewell. Manhoff’s material has no record of reaction to the dictator’s death. However, it is likely that the video was watched by the US secret services who were trying to predict his successor, Radio Liberty reports.

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