A New Service Prevents Photographs from Being Stolen on the Internet

Exif will prevent the unauthorized use of photographs and will allow the authors to follow where their work is published.

Exif presented a web tool that allows for preventing the violation of copyright and unauthorized use of photographs on the Internet, The Verge writes.

According to designer Jarred Bishop, one of the creators of the service, he got the idea to develop such instrument after he published his photograph on Flickr, and after some time discovered that it was used to illustrate a viral post on Tumblr, and then a popular article on Buzzfeed. In both cases, it was not mentioned that he was the author of the photograph.

Exif was developed to prevent such things from happening: the service offers authors to post images not in the usual form, but in form of embeds. The photographs will have a regular look when published, but another user will not be able to save them. When clicking on the photograph, other people will see information about it: the name of the author and other data that the author prefers to show.

Photographers will also be able to follow, when and where their work is published, and they will be able to block the photographs from being published on a certain website if they want to.

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