Photo of a Canadian Mowing Lawn with a Tornado in the Background Goes Viral

The man who continued going about his business despite the danger quickly became a social media hero.

A photograph of Canadian Theunis Wessels mowing his lawn with a giant tornado raging in the background is going viral. The photograph that has already been republished by many media was taken by the man’s wife Cecilia, The Independent writes.

She says that she was asleep while her husband was working in the yard, but at some point their 9-year-old daughter woke her up. The girl was worried about her dad and asked mom to call him inside — he did not react to his daughter’s requests. “I had to make sure I got it done,” Wessels says.

He adds that the tornado was rather far from him and the situation was not as dangerous as it may seem in the photograph. “I was seeing it coming up. I was watching it all the time. I was keeping an eye on it,” he said.


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