Photographers Take Pictures of the Same Young Woman for an Experiment

The authors of a popular series of experiments continue to check if the individual photographer's vision influences the resulting photographs.

Jessica Kobeissi, Brandon Woelfel, Jerry Maestas, and Derrick Freske posted another video from the series where photographers experiment by taking photographs of the same models. In doing so, they are trying to see how much the vision of a certain photographer influences the end result. Just like in the previous episodes of the project, the shoot was done in several stages: at each of them, one of the photographers chose the model’s outfit and the location — and the others had to take her portrait in the given conditions.

This is the third video of this kind that Kobeissi posts, and each of them have gained viral popularity with the Internet users. One of the episodes of the project already has almost 1.5 million views. The authors were inspired to make this video by a similar project done by Canon Australia in 2015. In it, six photographers were asked to take portraits of the same man, who was introduced differently to all of them.

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