Depositphotos Presents a Free Online Graphic Editor

Crello library has 6,000 templates and 10,000 readymade design elements.

Depositphotos launches Crello, a visual editor that allows users to create designs for advertising and promotional materials using readymade templates. To create a design, the users will need to choose a template and customize it according to their demands: replace the text, choose a background image, or change the color of graphic elements.

The creators say that Crello can be helpful to people without a graphic design background, who work with visual content for online marketing and printed promotional material. The program currently offers 29 preset formats: including posts for social networks, materials for newsletters, cards, posters, flyers, and gift certificates.

Crello library has 6,000 templates and 10,000 readymade design elements — icons, logos, frames, and other components. Users can save the best of them in their profiles and use them an unlimited number of times.

Crello is free — users need only to register or login onto Crello’s website through Facebook. Only the additional design elements will be fee-based, and their price will not exceed $0.99.

“The Crello team took the best from the services that offer similar solutions,” Depositphotos founder Dmitry Sergeev says. “And at the same time, our designers created a lot of free content of good quality — our competitors don’t have anything like this. After today’s release, we start moving in a different direction from our competitors, and in the nearest time we plan to surprise our users with new options that are not offered by anybody else in the market.”


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