Infographic of the Day: Which Cities Will Have the Highest Populations in 2100

According to the experts, African cities will top this list after 80 years.

Visual Capitalist published an infographic that shows which cities will have the highest populations in the world by 2100. The authors based their work on the latest forecast from the Global Cities Institute.

For instance, the experts estimate that Lagos will be first on the list of the most populated cities: 11.2 million people lived in this Nigerian city in 2011, and in 80 years the population is estimated to grow 8 times that size — up to 88 million.

The following cities will also be among the leaders: Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 83.5 million population by 2100, the largest city in Tanzania Dar es Salaam with 73.7 million people, and Mumbai in India, which according to the experts will be a home for 67.2 million people in 80 years.

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