Educational Project Arzamas is Launched in Russia

Lecturers of a free online university will talk about history, literature, and other humanitarian disciplines.

Last week, a founder of Theory and Practice of Moscow Danil Perushev and ex Chief Editor of Moscow magazine Big City, Philipp Dzyadko, launched an joint cultural and educational resource The plan is that the website will be posted as a “Humanitarian Series” about art and culture. is starting with four courses: Rise and Fall of Theater in Shakespearian Epoch, Myths and Truth About Gypsy Culture, Falsification in the History of Byzantine Empire and Russia, Space Plans of the Catherine the Great and Greek project.

“Arzamas – is a hybrid of online university and an educational magazine. We are trying to make video lectures short and interesting, and then add the materials in a format which is more traditional for the media, in order to have fun with things that are not told by lecturers in a serious tone,” explained editor in chief of Arzamas Kirill Golovastikov in an interview to

Every Thursday the creators plan to upload a new section and add materials on history, literature, anthropology and philosophy. Also, scientists and specialists in the field will post videos, and Arzamas will be posting notes, analytical articles and interviews with photos and documentary episodes.

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