Photos with Sad Mailboxes Went Viral in Taiwan

Red and green mailboxes created a new Instagram virus among in Taiwan.

Last weekend Taiwan Instagram caught a new virus – photographs of two mailboxes, damaged by the recent Typhoon Soudelor. The citizens thought they were funny, and according to Quartz, people are queuing to take a picture with them. After the mailboxes went viral they started having even more visitors.

Chunghwa Post co-chairman Philip Ong said, the two mailboxes would stay as they were, and that the post office plans to make them into a tourist attraction.

At the end of last week Taiwan was hit by Typhoon Soudelor that became one of the fiercest in the recent years. According to Associated Press, more than 100 people were hurt and more than 3 mln households lost electricity.

覺得危險之餘又覺得可愛. 颱風天大家請小心. #hurricane #typhoon #郵筒

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超可愛的有沒有! 比起彩繪郵筒還是天然ㄟ尚好

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蘇迪勒颱風 的神來ㄧ筆! 爆紅 「歪腰郵筒」 分享網路圖片 ??? #蘇迪勒#颱風#郵筒

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#這是ㄧ種我無法理解的概念 #自得其樂 #颱風 #湊熱鬧 #郵筒

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拯救郵筒大作戰? #taipeiboyz #underpeace #歪邀#郵筒

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