Soviet Movie Characters “Sing” a Russian Rock Song

Soviet Movie Characters “Sing” a Russian Rock Song

Mikhail Peragodov, a video editor from St-Petersburg, posted a video on Vimeo featuring famous Soviet movie characters “singing” “Hochesh” (“Do You Want It?”) by a famous Russian rock musician Zemfira. Peragorov found cut sections from the films where characters say the words from the song, and spliced them together.

Peragodov spent two months finishing the piece, even though he started about two years ago.

“The most difficult part of making the video was to finding the word ‘alps,’” said Peregurov. “I couldn’t even find it in Soviet films with titles like ‘The Alpine Passage’ or ‘Suvorov’s Passage Through the Alps.’ Some parts I was able to find from memory, some of the phrases like “do not die” in the beginning of the video was found by my friend.”

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