Mosaic Made From 285,000 Wine Corks Wins World Record

Visitors of the Guinness World Record’s website selected the most remarkable records from the last year.

The authors of Guinness World Record book announced the winners of the Fan Choice 2014 Award. The six winners were announced after calculating the results of online voting.

The most remarkable record, according to the site’s visitors, was a cork mosaic Giant Wine Cask, made by artists from France and Russia to celebrate Vine Day in Bordeaux. To make a frame measured 17.1 m by 9 m, they needed 270 kg of glue, 3.5 m³ of oak wood, 2 T of aluminum and 285,000 wine corks sorted by color and size. Sketches of the mosaic were made by Natalia Golovanova, and the picture depicts Saint-Petersburg, Bordeaux, and characters from Greek mythology.

One more mosaic made it to the list of the winners. From a Japanese creator, it used 1,864,320 black and 2,096,640 white soy beans. The size of the picture is 300,85 m² and it depicts a samurai warrior.

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Other winners of Fun Choices 2014: longest line of photo cut-out boards built in Japan, largest Pilipino ritual tinikling dance, fastest 100m jumping rope on one leg, and fastest time to run an ultra marathon on each continent.

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