Talent Show: Anne Barlinckhoff

Works by Barlinckhoff were noticed by such magazines as Dazed & Confused, Vogue, Vice, and LensCulture. Bird In Flight asked Anne to tell us a bit about herself and show some of her best photographs.

I am inspired by the moments in between, mystery, and nature. I dream a lot. I don’t organize. I work with what I love at that moment. I’m happy to inspire people with my work, but in terms of my favorite kind of interaction, I prefer to get to know them.

People in my photographs are people I’m attracted to. I wanna go on adventures. Some loving trouble adventures. I just wanna do what I love. And I love women.

I was around six years old when I started making collages. Some years later I started using disposable cameras. Anything to use my imagination.

I lived in South Africa because there is a lot of sun there. I’m planning to be in LA soon. But if I worked in a darker country, I’d try to find a new kind of intimacy related to that culture.

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