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Abandoned Houses in Seph Lawless’ Series

American photographer Seph Lawless travels around the country and photographs places abandoned by people — from shopping malls to amusement park carousels. But he is most interested in abandoned homes.
Seph Lawless Age 37

American photojournalist, writer and activist. Was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Studied at several art schools, has a degree in sociology. Published his works in The Guardian, CNN, The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, National Enquirer, Cleveland Magazine.

I am traveling and exploring the most abandoned sections of America including schools, factories, malls, amusement parks. and there's really nothing more intimate than abandoned homes. It's a strong symbol of America's economic struggle to survive. Sometimes words are not enough, so I started taking pictures.

Much of what I find is while on location shooting other projects and simply stumble across an abandoned area or town.

It can be scary at times to work in buildings like these.

For the reasons of personal safety, and also it can be psychologically draining.

With any of my work I want to emotionally move people until they physically move into some sort of activism to help change what they are seeing and feeling.

These photos represent the most vulnerable part of America. The inability of America to take care of itself and losing moral authority in this world by creating war based on greed.

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