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This Is All Me: Daisuke Takakura’s Project about Meeting Yourself

Japanese photographer Daisuke Takakura made a philosophical project about meeting yourself from a different time.
Daisuke Takakura Age 35

Japanese photographer and designer. Has a degree in Law. Published his works in Del Spiegel, Phosphore, ForbesLife, Mashable, La Stampa, The Guardian, CNN, Lensculture.

I was thinking about what might happen if you meet several “yourselves” at the same time. There are various selves. The selves from past lives are not here anymore. Maybe somewhere your self exists on its own — but it’s not really your self now.

In theater, there is a style known as “monodrama.” It usually involves just one actor. I began with this method but I decided to push it further. I wanted to explore the meeting of many selves of one person. What kind of world would it be, where there were many singular selves, together? I was curious.

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