March Photo Contests

€50,000 for professional photographers from Leica, science photography contest, $10,000 for the International Photography Awards winner and other opportunities in our monthly selection.

At the beginning of each month Bird In Flight publishes the most interesting photo contests for professional and amateur photographers.


Deadline: March 7, 2017.
Entry fee: $20 for one image, $39 for the series (up to ten images).
Award: $1,000-$5,000 prizes for six category winners.

Fourth annual portrait photography contest organized by LensCulture publication. Both single images and photo series are accepted.


Deadline: March 20, 2017.
Entry fee: $30.
Award: $1,500 for each of four winners.

Submissions are being accepted in four main categories: “Documentary Series”, “Reportage”, “Conceptual Photo Project”, and “Best Shot.” A separate category is created for mobile photography, and the winner will receive a Huawei P10 smartphone. One photographer under 25 chosen by the jury will also receive the Kolga Newcomer Photo Award introduced this year and €500 from the Peter Moening Foundation.


Deadline: March 31, 2017.
Entry fee: €15.
Award: €2,000.

Spanish contest for up-and-coming photographers. To participate one has to submit their portfolio (up to 30 images) and fill in the application on the contest’s website.


Deadline: April 10, 2017.
No entry fee.
Award: €25,000 for the grand-prize winner, €2,500 for each of the ten finalists, Leica equipment.

Leica’s contest for professional photographers accepts photo projects (10-12 images) dedicated to the interaction between people and their environment. A separate prize is designed for photographers under 25 – the author of the best project will receive a Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer award, €10,000 and Leica photo equipment worth €10,000.


Deadline: April 11, 2017.
Entry fee: $35 before March 14, $45 – after.
Award: $5,000, Leica camera package and personal exhibition at Photoville for the winner, participation in seven exhibitions for the finalists.

The Fence is a series of outdoor exhibitions that will be carried out in seven American cities: New York (Brooklyn), Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Durham, Houston, and Santa Fe. To participate one has to submit a photo project (five images) into one of the following categories: “Home”, “Streets”, “People”,”Creatures”,”Nature”, ”Food” and “Play.” PDN magazine and United Photo Industries are among The Fence’s curators.


Deadline: April 30, 2017.
No entry fee.
Award: £250 to £1000 cash awards for five winners.

The Royal Photographic Society’s contest accepts images dedicated to various sciences: from medicine and zoology to physics and astronomy. Each participant can submit an unlimited number of images, photographers will be evaluated in three different categories depending on their age.


Deadline: April 30, 2017.
Entry fee: Single image – $35 for professionals and $25 for amateurs; two to five images – $60 for professionals and $50 for amateurs, each additional category – $25 for professionals and $15 for amateurs.
Award: $10,000 for the “International Photographer of the Year” prize winner; $5,000 for the “Discovery of the Year” winner; $5,000 for the “Deeper Perspective” winner; and other cash prizes for the winners of 11 categories.

Annual international photography award is accepting submissions in 11 categories, among which – “Architecture”, “Books”, “People”, “Editorial” and “Fine Art”. Short (up to five minutes long) videos, movies and slideshows are being accepted in a separate category – the winner will receive $2,500.


Deadline: April 30, 2017.
Entry fee: One to five photographs – $10 per image, five to ten photographs – $55 in case of submitting before March 20, the fee goes up 25% thereafter.
Award: $4,000 for each of the winners in “Portrait” and “Defining Family” categories; $1,000 and $500 for four runner-ups and $1,000 for the special award winner.

International contest of portrait photography open to anybody over 16. Contestants are free to choose the topic of their works, but photographs submitted into the “Defining Family” category will be judged separately.

Cover photo: Scarlett Coten / Leica Oscar Barnack Award 2016

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