30 Metrópoli Magazine Covers, Admired by Designers

Covers of the weekly about cultural life in Spain have for the past 19 years been considered an example of high-class magazine design. 

Metrópoli was reborn in September 1996 with the publication of an issue with a Trainspotting-themed cover. Art director Rodrigo Sanchez, who just started at the magazine, fully integrated the masthead with the cover design. “The end result took the directors and audience by surprise, but no one complained, — Sanchez says in his Speak Up interview.


Sanchez says that each issue has at least three versions of the cover. The process between the first sketches and the approval of the final version may take anywhere between two hours and two weeks. In the past 19 years he has managed the design of the covers for more than 1000 issues, and during this time Metrópoli grew from a magazine about Madrid leisure to a national edition about cultural life.

Rodrigo Sanchez is the only designer in the world who received the prestigious Society for News Design award for two years in a row. Sanchez’s works have also received the Society of Publication Designers and Type Directors Club awards, as well as the D&AD award, and the Moscow International Graphic Design Biennale Golden Bee award.


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