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A crow on top of an eagle, "ant" designs, teenage vices and hardcore Texas girls in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.
When Loving Mondays Becomes Easy
The initiators of the movement Spark Your City painted bright colors over the pedestrian part of the London Bridge so that workers hurrying across the bridge could smile and learn to love Mondays.

Interview with the Photographer
Russian photographer Max Avdeyev in the interview with Nighttripping spoke about his professional maturation, ways to get a rush and why shooting for news agencies is “fast food” in an interview with the site Nighttripping.

Small World
Lorraine Loots calls her photos “ants.” She drew a miniature hot dog for the cover of invitation letters to her exhibition in New York.

Why 10 is, Statistically Speaking, 9
In New Zealand, they say that if the cave insects are emitting light, it means that the females are looking for a partner. Photographer Joseph Michael captured lonely but eager couples with the help of long exposure.

Before Your Parents Catch You
Helena Gauss depicts teenage vices with an ordinary ballpoint pen.

Hardcore Texas
Photographer Shelley Calton was born and raised in Texas, where women have been used to carrying guns for quite a while.

Immortal Moss
Cameraman Sean Steininger captured the properties of desert moss during their recovery from dehydration.

Honey, I Shrunk Myself for a Selfie
New York photographer Chris Bach printed out a mini version of himself with a 3D printer and now is taking selfies of it everywhere.

The Eagle Has Landed
Phoo Chan was a witness to how a crow landed on an eagle’s back for a few seconds.

Ideal Composition
When a food stylist and a photographer are truly perfectionists.


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