August Photo Contests

Photo book contest by Aperture, participation in New York Photography Festival, $15,000 for best street photographers and other possibilities of the month.

(Cover photo: Jane Hahn / International Photographer Awards.)

At the beginning of each month Bird In Flight publishes a selection of photo contests for both professional and amateur photographers.

Deadline: April 30, 2015.
Award: $10,000 for the International Photographer of the Year; $5,000 for the “Discovery of the Year” winner; $5,000 for the “Deeper Perspective” winner; and other cash prizes for the winners of 11 categories.
Entry fee: Single image – $35 for professionals and $25 for amateurs; two to five images – $60 for professionals and $50 for amateurs, participation in each additional category – $25 for professionals and $15 for amateurs.

Annual international photography award is accepting submissions in 11 categories, among which – Architecture, Books, People, Editorial and Fine Art. Short (up to five minutes long) videos, movies and slide-shows are being accepted in a separate category – the winner will receive $2,500.

Deadline: August 23, 2015.
Award: yearly subscription to BOMB Magazine, book publishing contract courtesy of powerHouse Books, photo equipment and other prizes for category winners.
Entry fee: $20 for one photo, $75 for series up to six photos, $75 for photo book with up to ten photos, $25 for one GIF file. Students have discounts.

“The Last Picture Show” photo contest is being held as a part of the New York Photo Festival. Works are being accepted in four categories: fine art (single image and image series), documentary photography (single image and image series), photo book and GIF images.

Deadline: September 1, 2015.
Award: $10,000 for the winner.
No entry fee.

Contest for the best self-published book. Three winners will receive a special prize from the jury, twenty shortlisted books will be handed over to the MoMA library.

Deadline: September 1, 2015.
Award: $15,000 for winners, publications on LensCulture website.
Entry fee: $20 for one photo, $45 for two or three photos, $60 for the series up to ten photographs.

First street photography contest organised by online-publication LensCulture. Works are being accepted in seven categories, including “Street Style,” “City Culture” and “Street Art.” Participants who submit photo series will receive free portfolio review from one of the jury members.

Deadline: September 14, 2015.
Award: $10,000 for the winner who gets “The First PhotoBook Prize.”
Entry fee: $30 for the first photo book category, $60 for the first and $30 for every one of the following books from the same publisher, submitted to “The PhotoBook of the Year” and “The Photography Catalogue of the Year” categories.

Photo book contest organised jointly by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo gallery. Photo books of different format and content that were published in an edition of no less than 100 copies from September 1, 2014 till September 7, 2015 are being accepted.

Deadline: October 1, 2015.
Award: £2,500 for Grand-prix, £1,000 for each of the category winners, travels to Amsterdam and Brugge.
Entry fee: £15 for portfolio, emerging talents and video categories, £7.50 for single image categories, free for youth categories.

Yearly travel photography contest. Main prize – the “Travel Photographer of the Year” title and £2,500; contestants who applied to two of the portfolio categories out of eleven can receive it. The application can be submitted online and by regular post.

Deadline: November 8, 2015.
Award: two week exhibition in London based gallery TJ Boulting, printing of the photographs, publication in British Journal of Photography.
Entry fee: £6.50 for single images, £22.75 for the series; after August, 31 the fee will increase by 35%.

Photo contest from British Journal of Photography publication. Photographs are being accepted in two categories: single image and photo series. There are no limitations regarding the genre or the technique used. Among judges – The Gusrdian’s Photography Critic Sean O’Hagan, founder of Self Publish Be Happy Bruno Ceschel and Cultural & Education Manager at Magnum Photo, Emily Graham.

Deadline: August 21, September 18, and November 20, 2015.
Award: $1,500, $750 and $500 for first, second and third prize awardees respectively, participation in the exhibition, publications in contest photo book.
Entry fee: for professionals — $35 per one image, for amateur photographers — $30; by following early deadlines (August 21 and September 18) one can receive lower prices and special offers

Colour photography contest for professional and amateur photographers. There are no limitations regarding content of photographs or techniques used.

Deadline: November 29, 2015.
Award: $2,000 for the professional winner, $1,000 — for the amateur, participation in the online exhibition, publication in the contest’s photo book.
Entry fee: $20 per image for professionals, $15 — for amateurs.

International contest for black and white photography. There are more than 25 categories opened for submissions, professional and amateur photographers are judged separately.

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