July Photo Contests

Grant program by VSCO, urban photography competition, contest by EyeEm app with Medium's photo editor among judges and other opportunities of the month.

(Cover photo: Tin MarTin)

At the beginning of each month Bird In Flight selects the most interesting contests for professional and amateur photographers to enter.

Deadline: July 7, 2015 (11:40 Greenwich time).
Award: £2,000 to be distributed between three winners in photography category, participation in exhibition in London.
Entry fee: For professionals – £20 for single entry, £40 — up to three entries, £60 — up to six entries; For amateurs — £15, £30 and £40 respectively.

British contest of contemporary art for photographers, artists and sculptors. Photography of all genres is eligible for participation, a separate prize of £500 will be given for the best photograph on social or environmental issues. Winners are to be announced at the finalists’ exhibition, on September 22-26.

Deadline: July 12, 2015.
Award: The fund is $50,000 – $20,000 of which are cash prizes. First prize in each of the categories – $2,000, trophy, large-format printer Epson Stylus Pro SP-7900, $600 voucher for purchase of music.
Entry fee: $12-$20 per photo, depending on the category.

Panoramic photography contest is organized by the manufacturer of printing machinery, Epson. Photos are being accepted in five different categories: Nature (separately for professionals and amateurs), Architecture (also separated) and Open VR for 360° panoramas.

Deadline: July 15, 2015.
Award: “Photographer of the Year” title, participation in traveling exhibitions in eight cities (New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and other), publication in EyeEm’s magazine.
No entry fee.

Contest from photo app EyeEm. Photographs can be submitted in ten categories: portraits, documentary photography, food photography, architecture and others. To participate, one needs to upload photographs to EyeEm’s social network using the app, however it’s not specified whether it has to be mobile photography only. The contest will be judged by various representatives of creative industries, among whom – Medium‘s photo editor Keith Axline, art director of Spotify Tobias Van Schneider and editor in chief of Feature Shoot Alison Zavos.

Deadline: July 15, 2015.
Award: $3,000 for the Grand-prix, $1,000 for the New Talent category, $500 for the Moving Image, participation in exhibition.
Entry fee: For professionals – $20 per single image and $30 per series of 2-8 photographs (50% discount for students); For amateurs – $15 per single image and $20 per series.

The contest, based in Moscow, is for professional and emerging photographers from around the world. There are nine categories to apply, one of which is designed for videos.

Deadline: July 31, 2015.
Award: Three iPads for winners of youth and mobile categories, photo journey and other prizes.
No entry fee.

This is a yearly street photography contest. In 2015 it’s dedicated to cities at work and the way the environment changes during the day. Each contestant can send up to 24 photographs that represent different hours of day (it’s not required that all of them are made the same day.)

Deadline: October 1, 2015.
Award: £2,500 for Grand-prix, £1,000 for each of the category winners, travels to Amsterdam and Brugge.
Entry fee: £15 for portfolio, emerging talents and video categories, £7.50 for single image categories, free for youth categories.

Yearly travel photography contest. Main prize – the “Travel Photographer of the Year” title and £2,500; contestants who applied to two of the portfolio categories out of eleven can get it. The application can be submitted online and by regular post.

Deadline: On a rolling basis.
Award: Individual for each project, the amount to be distributed – $1,000,000.
No entry fee.

Grant program from the Visual Supply and Co. Everybody older than 18 is eligible to participate. There are no restrictions regarding the topic or the format of the project, but awarded contestants should publish the project materials on VSCO platform and collaborate with the company while producing photo books, organising exhibitions or other activities connected to the project.

Deadline: On a rolling basis.
Award: publication on Shut Your Aperture website and its pages in social networks.
No entry fee.

Shut Your Aperture’s editor office launched photography submissions that are to be published on its website and social networks. To participate one needs to send 3-20 photographs, series description (minimum 300 characters) and link to your website. Editors will publish one photo per day, photographs to be considered for “Photographer of the Week” category are to be submitted separately.

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