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Insects from old computers, Americans try jellied meat, a tour of Abbey Road and the Australian coast in Bird In Flight\'s weekly digest.

Double Role

Photographer Shannon Smith is either boasting or complaining about how difficult it is to be creative and a mother at the same time.

Touching Frida

Ishiuchi Miyako got a hold of some personal belongings of Frida Kahlo, which had previously spent 50 years untouched in a closed bathroom.

Strange Food

Buzzfeed published a video showing how Americans try traditional Russian dishes: jellied meat, pickled tomatoes and “herring in fur.”


Artist Julie Alice Chappell makes insects from parts of old computers, game consoles and DVD players and sells them.

A Walk with a Song

Google, in conjunction with Abbey Road created a virtual site that gives a tour of the studio.

We’re Not from Here

In order to draw attention to environmental pollution, artist Alejandro Duran creates installations out of garbage that flows into the coast of the Sian-Kaan reserve in Mexico.

Life Goes On

Director Dave Meinert didn’t know how long his dog Pegasus’ puppy would live, so he decided to film it every day on camera.


Italian artist Alessandro Rabatti gives a superhero makeover to the politicians on banknotes.

A Dream Realized

Swedish photographer Carl Lundholm captured the beauty of the Australian coast, a place he dreamed to visit for a long time.

Shining Lodges

David Leventi shoots famous opera houses with the help of the Arca-Swiss large format camera.

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