Links of the Week

A mirror in the jungle, special effects in “Mad Max,” wounded birds and shirts for slobs in Bird In Flight’s weekly digest.

Desert Storm

The site FXguide published pictures from the shooting of “Mad Max: Fury Road” before and after applying special effects.

Vandalism Written on Your Face

Brooklyn-based artist Lydia Cambrone finds ruined advertisements on the subway and recreates them with live models.

Look at Yourself

French photographer Xavier Hubert-Briere set up mirrors in the jungles of Gabon and captured the animals’ reactions.

Twist Your Pet

Masayoshi Matsumoto of Japan is a professional balloon-twister who can make butterflies, chickens and seahorses from his repertoire.

City for the People

Artist Olafur Eliasson put together a city made of Legos that you can play with and reassemble as you like.

And You Don’t Have to Wash it

Designers Mair/Wennel have taken slobs into consideration and created a shirt with coffee, blood and grass stains.

Plant Your Book

To somehow reduce the impact of deforestation in South America, Argentine publishing house Pequeno Editor published a book that can be buried, watered and grow several trees.

Greeks on the Wall

Street art combo Pichi & Avo unite graffiti with characters from ancient mythology.

Poor Birds

Dutch photographer Agnes Gesink nursed injured birds back to health in a special shelter and filmed them for the project, “Birds Don’t Cry.”

The House that Kat Painted

Artist Kat O’Sullivan repainted her house so that people would remember it at first sight.

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