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A music video with 240 cassettes, a ghost village in China, the largest lava lake in the world and pano-selfies in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.
Entrepreneur and blogger Colin Derveaux invented the panorama selfie.

Where the Grass Grows
There’s a fishing village about 65 kilometers from Shanghai that was abandoned during the 1990s. Mashable documented how the place looks now.

Song of the 90s
Australian studios Dropbear Digital shot a music video for the artist Opiuo in which they used 240 audio cassettes, 108 CDs and more than 17 kilometers of video film.

Swiss artist Remo Leinhard, under the name Wes21, joins science fiction and nature together on city walls.

Art in the Shadows
Larry Kagan figure out how to get images using a piece of a metal rod and light bulbs.

Fashionably-forgotten Old Stuff
Jason Dorn drew an old camera in a modern, flat design style.

Turn, Twist, Print my Wrist
The digital research studio Madlab has developed Tactum, a system that allows you to project any object on your skin and then print it using a 3D printer.

Hot Point
Photographer Francesco Pandolfo captured on film the largest lava lake in the world, which is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Remember the Past
Designer Susan Kare created a deck of cards from the computer version of “Solitaire.” Plunging into the past costs $14.

Kitties Everywhere
Antonia Henschel shot photos of the cartoon kitty anywhere she could find it and put them together for the book Ni Hao, Kitty.


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