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Sports competition panoramas, tears under the microscope, the Wes Anderson game and a plastic ocean in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.
Ocean of the Future
Brooklyn experimental studio Snarkitecture filled a hall at the National Building Museum in Washington with almost a million transparent balloons. The artists named their attempt to bring an ocean indoors “The Beach.”

A Wide View
Paolo Pellizzari of Italy films sporting events in unusual fashion, as if they were a theatrical performance with actors and spectators.

Game in a Hotel
If the director of the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Wes Anderson, made video games, they would look just like this. This game was made by students at NYU and is called Maquisard.

In Front of the Stage
Hamburg photographer Klaus Fram takes photos of theatre stages in Europe as only the theatre employees could see them.

Iron Birds
The installations of Czech artist Jakub Geltner look like flocks of birds that are about to build nests. However, instead of birds there are security cameras and satellite dishes.

Cry, Baby
Maurice Mikkers took pictures of tears from onions, laughter, sadness and happiness under a microscope and looked at how they are different.

Lightning and Clouds
Evan Halleck of Los Angeles travelled to the Grand Canyon to record a timelapse showing the beauty of a thunderstorm.

A Perfectionist’s Mosaic
In his photo book Biophilia Christopher Marlie tried to put nature in order.

The Perfect Storm
In Tim Chadwick’s photos, the shutter speed created the effect of painting on a canvas.

Not a Woman, but a Picture
During a fashion show, Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf took paintings from the walls and dressed models in them.

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