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Streetpong game, view from the outer space, Polish witches and northern lights in Bird In Flight's digest.

Runner, Runner

The winner of the World Free Run Championship, Tim Shieff, runs on London’s buildings, while his fellow runner, Jason Paul, photographs him. Then they sell the photos and donate money to charity.

Walk on the Water

Tomas Nunuk walked over a frozen lake in Slovakia and made a video about levitation.

Like Marsala

The color of wine teeth, an old chocolate bar and Lindsay Lohan’s nicotine fingers. FastCoDesign explained Pantone’s Color of The Year in 20 different ways.

The View From Above

Time published 25 of the most impressive photographs made from DigitalGlobe’s satellites. There you can see a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, the biggest tire cemetery in the world and even an Oktoberfest celebration.

Land of Fairies

Photographer Katarzyna Majak took pictures of 29 modern Polish witches, healers, whisperers and druids for her “Women of Power” project.

Leave It

The artist Tang Chiew Ling creates his masterpieces using leaves, completing them with some freehand paintings.

Eye Contact

Suren Marvelyan photographs humans’ and animals’ pupils for the “Your Beautiful Eyes” series. You can try and guess which of them belong to whom, without reading the captions.

Black Face

Marta Azevedo photographed North America’s and Brazil’s populations using accessories from African culture – necklaces, feathers, clay, cigars and hijabs.

Northern Lights

Ole Salomonsen’s video makes you want to drop everything and to go to Norway to see all of this beauty with your own eyes.

Around the World

Wired asked 24 photographers to take a picture in 24 time zones at the exact same moment.

Off the Mark

Every day Natasha Desai photographs colorful backgrounds in taxis. “There were times when I let go of the taxi because its ceiling was not interesting,” says Natasha.


In the German city Hildesheim, a traffic light with a game in it was installed. Pedestrians can play it with each other while waiting for the green light. Authors called it “ActiWait” and are collecting money to install these devices in other cities.

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