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Scandinavia in miniature, hand-embroidered portraits, U.S. jails and Hemingway’s last dinner in Bird In Flight’s weekly digest.

Crayon Fashion

American chain of department stores, Bloomsdale’s, challenged some the world’s most famous fashion designers to do a collection of clothing made entirely — or very close — of Crayola crayons.

Eat Before You Leave

Sarah Lazarovic makes drawings of famous people’s last meals: Elvis Presley, Cleopatra, Jimmy Hendrix, Abraham Lincoln are just a few of the celebrities whose last meals were reconstructed in Lazarovic’s project.

Light Goes On

Artist Darren Pearson makes interesting videos using long exposure and an electric torch.

Jail Geometry

Web developer Josh Begly decided to find out in what way the U.S. prisons influence the surrounding landscape. He created a website called “Prison Map” — a collection of some 5300 penitentiaries photographed by Google satellites.

Big Success

In his project “Nothing to Lose” photographer Toby Burrows captured overweight dancers.

Stitch Drawings

Cayce Zavaglia creates realistic portraits that she embroiders with color threads on linen backgrounds.

Miniature Scandinavia

Using a tilt-shift lens and time-lapse video settings, Dutch design studio Damp Design made a film illustrating a micro-scale Norway and Iceland.

Heavy Metals

Illustrator and photographer Alberto Seveso mixes ink and metal powder to take photographs of beautiful patterns and shapes they produce in liquids.

Simply About Complicated

Sebastien Thibeault’s illustrations address the world’s most complicated political and social issues — in a very eloquent, yet lucid and minimalistic way.

Into Another World

German street artist knowns as 1010 creates colorful portals “into other worlds” on city walls in Germany, the U.S. and Panama.

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