The Week’s Links

Cats everywhere, hamburger clothes, all of Instagram in 12 frames and a naked photographer in Bird in Flight's weekly digest.

On Thin Ice

Fox Grom, photographer and all-terrain vehicle driver, filmed his Siberian husky walking across a rain-flooded frozen lake.

The “Big Mac” That’s Always With You

McDonald’s opened an online store in Sweden with pajamas, raincoats and rubber boots, all with an image of a Big Mac.

Flowers in the Air

Japanese artists from the collaboration TeamLab created an interactive installation, “Floating Flower Garden.”

Petrol from the Future

Shots of nine petrol stations from the book The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings proves that any architect’s task can be solved outside-the-box.

Second Life

Plumber Michael Vivona makes extra money selling sculptures made of old cameras.

The Entire Gist of Instagram in a Dozen Shots

Artist Joanna Chou illustrated the 12 kinds of Instagram photo shots.

Connect the Dots in the Picture

Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips follow human movement with the help of Xbox One Kinect’s sensors and computer processing.

Look at the Birdie!

Trevor Christiansen reversed the idea of nude photography – he undressed in front of the models during shooting.

Grown Out

London design studio Raw Edges placed benches around a sculpture gallery as if they had grown a mosaic from the floor.

Cats Abound

Andreanna Lupen captured cat lovers and multiplied their pets using Photoshop.

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