The Week’s Links

Imaginary friends, a marijuana dispensary, sushi towels, and a bald dog in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.

A City Challenge

Charles Yang of Edinburgh set a goal for himself and every day he constructs new buildings for his tiny paper city.

Grass Treatment

American photographer Morgan Rachel Levy captured, Christy Kelly, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, and how the place works.

Logo Changes

In 30 years, the logo of Walt Disney animation studios has changed many times, and now we have a video to show it.

Paste Me

Artist Andy Rementer drew up brands for the Philatelic and Numismatic offices of San Marino on the topic of 3D printing.

Tell Us Who Your Friend Is

In her photo series, Julie de Waroquier embodies the phenomenon of “imaginary friends.”

Fairy Tale in Reality

Artist Ellen Jewett creates surrealist sculptures of animals.

Faded Universe

In actuality, NASA takes photos of space in black and white, only later adding colors to the images.

Sushi Roll Towels

Tel Aviv-based designer Jenny Pokryvailo rolled up her collection of towels into sushi rolls.

Mom, This is Forever

Illustrator Leonard Combi fills in a real passport with tattoos.

Bald Doesn’t Mean Bad

In order to prove that bald dogs are sweet and charismatic, French photographer Sophie Gamand shot her photo series “Prophecy“.

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