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Wikigalaxy, Chinese seaside, Putintin and old calculators in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.

Let’s Go, Fly a Kite

Tom Robinson photographed one of the most exciting events in India – the International Kite Festival.

Along the Coast

Zhang Xiao loved the seaside since he was a child, and after becoming a photographer he created a photo series about life in a coastal area of China.


Owen Cornec visualized a database of articles from Wikipedia as a sky full of stars.

At the Tip of the Brush

Rebecce Szeto found paint brushes beautiful enough to dress up as a famous Renaissance women.

Firm Ball-pen

With the help of a ball-pen Kerby Rosanes
creates extremely detailed drawings.

Mash It Up

Madonnald Duck, Yoko Bono, Putintin and John Lenin are the heroes of Kalle Mattsson’s quirky images.

Submarine Sandwich

Adam Pesapane better known as PES published a new animation video and talked about his art in the interview for Esquire.

Put It Across

Kevin Twomey in his “Calculators” series celebrates the beauty of old calculating machines.

Satellite Bold

Benedikt Gross and Joey Lee raised $11,492 to create a font based on the images of buildings, rivers and roads taken from a satellite.

Zhao’s Autumn

Zhao Na uses acrylic pens and drawing canvas to create artworks with high attention to details.

Fractals’ Nature

Nuala O’Donovan works with porcelains to recreate natural fractal figures.

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