Сharlie Hebdo Mocked the Picture of a Drowned Boy

French satirical magazine was accused of incitement to hate crime.

French satirical weekly magazine Сharlie Hebdo caused scandal when it published the issue with the cartoons mocking the photograph of a drowned Syrian boy Morocco World News writes.

The first cartoon shows the child lying face down in the sand under the caption ‘So Close to Goal’, with the advertisement for McDonald’s reading: ‘Two children’s menus for the price of one’ nearby.

The second cartoon is captioned ‘The proof that Europe is Christian’. It depicts Jesus figure next to the little boy who says “Christians walk on water. Muslim children sink”.

The cartoons caused a storm of criticism. Mirror reports, that British barrister Peter Herbert is consider reporting this as incitement to hate crime & persecution before the International Criminal Court.

In January 2015, after Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon mocking prophet Mohammad, two unidentified persons stormed into the editorial office and shot a dozen of employees of the magazine.

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