Russian territory is sold online as NFT. Proceeds will go to support Ukraine

A Georgian creative agency Leavingstone has launched a project on selling Russian territories as NFT tokens. These works were published at OpenSea marketplace with a promise to donate all the proceeds to the official crypto wallet of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The money will then be used to finance the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities that suffered from Russian invasion.

“In response to Russian imperialist aggression, we’ve decided to sell Russia’s territories for good! Putin is known for grabbing other countries’ lands. So, let’s give him the taste of his own medicine”, the authors write. They specify: half of their team are Georgians, who are well aware of what the Russian invasion is like.

This project titled Russia for Sale, was launched in early April. Their webpage depicts a Russian map with administrative divisions. Everyone can choose from 5 categories to purchase: small lands, medium lands, large lands, xl lands, and big cities. The lands’ price ranges from 0,05 to 4 ETH, depending on their size. Each land has its name and even a valid coat of arms. There are almost 2.5K Russian areas, 22 of them already purchased for $18K.

When all the territory’s sold out, the authors will arrange the sales of NFTs for iconic Russian buildings, such as Kremlin, Ostankino Tower, Winter palace, as well as Putin’s personal house and the bunker. The last stage will be the auctioning of Lenin.

In the end of March, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine cooperated with the NFT-artists community to launch the first virtual Russia-Ukraine war museum.

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