A List of 50 Documentary Films That Help to Understand Ukraine Created on IMDb

The biggest online movie database IMDb now features a list of 50 documentary films, which can help viewers to get a better understanding of Ukraine. Covering almost a hundred years of national cinematography, the movies are dedicated to events, places, and people of Ukraine.

The earliest works on the list are “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929) and “Enthusiasm: The Symphony of Donbass” (1930) directed by Dsiga Vertov. Other Soviet-era movies include “Battle for Soviet Ukraine” (1943) directed by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, and “Chornobyl: Chronicle of Difficult Weeks”(1986) by Volodymyr Shevchenko.

The majority of the enlisted works were filmed between 2005 and 2020. Part of them is dedicated to the remarkable events in the modern history of Ukraine — the Revolution of Dignity, russian annexation of Crimea, and the war in Donbas. Among them, there are “Maidan” (2014) by Serhii Loznytsia, “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” (2015) by Yevhen Afineevskyi, “Ukrainian Sheriffs” (2015) by Roman Bondarchuk, “Mariupolis” (2016) by Mantas Kvedaravichyus, “Crimea as it was (2016) Kostiantyn Klyatskina, “No Obvious Signs” (2018) by Alina Horlova, “The Earth is blue as an orange” (2020) by Iryna Tsylyk.

The list also includes documentary films “Red Malanka” (2013) by Dmytro Suholytky-Sobchuk, “Prysmerk” (2014) by Valentin Vasyanovich, “Hollywood on the Dnieper. Dreams from Atlantis” (2014) by Oleh Chornoy, “House “Slovo”” (2017) by Taras Tomenko, “Home Games” (2018) by Alisa Kovalenko, “Ukraïner. The Movie” (2019) Mykola Noska, “Breaking into Baikonur” (2020) by Angela Angelov, “Yuki” (2020) by Volodymyr Mula and others.

The list was created by a user called CinephileInAction. Their other selections include feature and documentary films about Mariupol, movies about russian aggression in Ukraine, 100 best Ukrainian movies, etc.

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