A Selfie Helped Journalists Identify Occupants Involved in The Killings in Kyiv Region

Russian publication “Vazhnyie Istorii” identified the names of soldiers involved in the killings of people in Andriivka village in Kyiv region. The occupants took selfies using the stolen phones of the locals. When a journalist called to clarify details, one of them confessed his crimes.

From the end of February till April Andriivka was occupied by russian army. When retreating, russian soldiers left a mobile phone, which they had previously stolen from the local man, Leonid Udod. The phone contained 25 photos. The soldiers took selfies in one of the village’s yards, posing with weapons.

The 76-years-old Leonid and his wife managed to get back the phone only at the end of May. The journalists of “Slidstvo.Info” were the first ones to see the russians’ selfies. In July, the journalists presented their own investigation and identified one of the occupants, 20-years-old Daniil Frolkin. Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine suspects him of murdering a local man and stealing a car and World War II medals.

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“Vazhnyie Istorii” identified three more participants in the “photo shooting”. They are Dmitrii Danilov, Ruslan Glotov, and Ivan Shepelenko, servicemen of the 64th motorized rifle brigade. People in Andriivka recognized the soldiers and testified that they might be involved in robberies, looting, and even murders. The russian publication managed to talk to Frolkin and Danilov. The soldiers said that they exported confiscated appliances and other goods to Belarus.

Russian soldiers, who used a stolen phone to take selfies in Andriivka: Daniil Frolkin, Dmitrii Danilov, Ruslan Glotov, and Ivan Shepelenko / Collage by “Vazhnyie Istorii”

Frolkin confessed that he accompanied other soldiers while they were searching the locals’ homes. Russians were looking for local people who passed the coordinates of russian convoys to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. During one of the interrogations, Frolkin shoot a man, who allegedly came from Kyiv to report information on russian’s army positions. The publication assumes that Frolkin’s victim was Ruslan Yaremchuk.

Besides, Frolkin demanded to punish 5 commanders of the 64th rifle brigade, namely Azatabek Omurbekov, Sergei Dmytrenko, Viacheslav Klobukov, Denis Romanenko, and Andrei Prokurat, who framed their subordinates. “I realize that I can go to jail for disclosing this information”, said Frolkin, “Not for all the sh*t I did in Ukraine. But for this information [about commanders]. I just want to confess and explain what’s going on in our country. I think it’d be better for this war to never happen”.

As for Danilov, he denies his involvement in murdering civilians in Andriivka. The russian has already come back home and wrote an application for dismissal due to his unwillingness to go back to Ukraine. Thirteen killed people with gunshot wounds and traces of violence were found in Andriivka, more than 40 people went missing.

In July, russian soldier Nikita Tretiakov, who robbed an apartment in occupied Irpin and took a selfie at the crime scene, was accused of violating the laws and customs of war.

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