A russian soldier burgled a house in Irpin and left the owner his own portrait

An occupant burgled a house of Valeria, Irpin resident, and a left his photo at the crime scene, according to the house owner who told “Ukrayinska Pravda” about it. A russian soldier took a photo with an instant camera – Fujifilm Ukraine company figured out that it was Instax Mini. On seeing the black photo, the occupant might have thought the camera was broken. In Valeria’s mind, he didn’t know the photo would develop later.

The woman found the photo under the carpet on May 14. According to the house owner, the camera was damaged, so she decided not to touch it in case it was mined.

The photo left by the russian occupant in Irpin. Photo: “Ukrayinska Pravda”

Valeria’s apartment is situated in the living complex Green Yard, where the russian soldiers had been living for three weeks. The woman wasn’t in the city during the occupation. On returning home, she spotted that the occupants had stolen more than 10 golden jewellery and some other small valuables.

Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, has informed, that with the help of artificial intelligence the soldier’s identity was established. It turned out to be Nikita Tretiakov from Rostov-on-Don. The ministry also found the occupant’s account in the social media VKontakte. “The page is quite typical: cars, army, half-destroyed russian houses, and, of course, alcohol in the backyard. In a word, a russian world idyll,” Fedorov emphasized.

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