In a new campaign, Ukrainian creative agency Banda shows bravery as Ukraine’s new brand

A new advertising campaign initiated by the Office of the President of Ukraine is dedicated to Ukrainians’ courage. Together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ukrainian agency Banda developed a creative idea for the campaign. Ukraine’s new brand — bravery — is offered as the key element for billboards, posters, merch, stickers, and logos prototypes.

The authors of the concept point out that Russia planned to seize Ukraine in three days, in a week maximum. However, it’s already been 47 days of Ukraine’s heroic resistance, during which the Ukrainian army and people fight fearlessly against Russia’s aggression.

“The world knows Ukrainians by their bravery. Our people go on rallies against occupation and stop tanks with their bare hands. Specialists — doctors, rescuers, shop assistants, drivers, pharmacists — keep working under shelling. Our IT experts support the country’s brand, working on their laptops from bomb shelters,” says Mykhaylo Fedorov, Minister for Digital Transformation.


The main objective of the campaign is to support the people who chose to stay in Ukraine and to create a positive image for the country at the international level. The billboards have been already established in 18 countries of the world: USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Spain. As a basis for visuals, the team used works of Ukrainian photographers — Max Levin, Oleksandr Meloyan, Yevhen Haustov, Stas Yurchennko, Pavlo Petrov, Vyacheslav Ratynsky, Volodymyr Neizvestny, and Kateryna Kriuchkova. The country’s state symbol, the trident, is used as a part of the logo and photographs.

The team encourages Ukrainian to publish and spread the campaign’s materials abroad, join the rallies with new branded posters, and support the project on social media by using #braveukraine hashtag.


Photos: Banda

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