A Cat rescued from Borodianka got a new owner and an Instagram page

On May 2, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine have rescued a cat hiding among the block of flats debris for about 2 months in Borodianka. A pet that was on the 7th floor of a dilapidated building got noticed by ZooPatrol volunteers. This Persian cat was named Shafa after the kitchen cupboard with a ceramic rooster, which have also miraculously stayed intact under the shelling and became the symbols of Ukrainians’ resistance.

After the evacuation, the animal was brought to the vet – the doctors found no injuries or wounds whatsoever. ZooPatrol have posted, on social media that they’ve found this 10-year-old cat a new home in Kyiv. The volunteers have pointed out that they were contacted by people claiming to be the cat’s previous owners, but it was decided she shouldn’t be returned to those who’d already left her in danger.

Shafa was also given her own Instagram account, which got over 10K subscribers overnight. The account is used for reporting on the cat’s rehabilitation process and publishing patriotic fan-art.

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