Mashable Tells a Story of a 9-Year-Old Who Works as a Wedding Photographer

A young girl from Scotland photographs festive events representing her father's company.

Mashable published a story about 9-year-old Regina Wyllie from Scotland who works as a wedding photographer at her father’s company, KSG Photography.

“Regina first picked up one of my compact cameras at the age of just 3 and started asking questions about taking photos and setting cameras pretty soon afterwards, — the girl’s father Kevin Wyllie said.

He says that many clients ask his daughter to work at their weddings, although there are also those who doubt that she was really the one who took and edited the photographs. “Regina edits her own photos, with me guiding her along the way, — Regina’s father says.

The girl herself says that she loves her job for being able to create something nice for people to enjoy. However, she is not planning on being a photographer when she grows up; her dream is to become a clothes designer.


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