British Couple Will Host Their 67th Wedding Ceremony

Authors of the «Two people – one life” blog will hold their next ceremony on January 28 in New Zealand.

Alex and Lisa, who publish the blog Two People – One Life, have recently posted on their Facebook page news about their next 67th wedding, which will be held on January 28th in New Zealand, writes

Lisa and Alex started their wedding marathon in 2011 when they sold all their belongings, quit their jobs, and started a journey to find the best place for the wedding. They moved to a new country, announced a date and held a competition for wedding photographers. Their wedding ceremonies are not legal – the couple renews their vows according to local traditions. In the past years they got married in air, underwater and were blessed by a minister, vicar, a rabbi, priestess Voodoo and pagan shaman.

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Their blog is very popular, and Lisa and Alex have turned into a legendary inspector of “wedding markets.” Because of their fame, restaurants, hotels and photographers are offering services for free for sake of being mentioned on Facebook or on their website.

“In the beginning it was about sending a lot of emails asking for help! As the trip progressed we started be approached by photographers from all over the world! The ceremonies we experience are not all about us. They are about people coming together, representing their country, finding new friends and building new business relationships… all that before you consider the creative element. It is taking the people involved in directions they never considered,” says Alex.

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