A Model As Seen by Three Different Photographers

Jessica Kobeissi, Irene Rudnyk, and Ruby James investigated how different are photographs of different authors taken in the same environment.

Photographers Jessica Kobeissi, Irene Rudnyk, and Ruby James experimented to see how the author’s vision influences the resulting photographs: they took portraits of the same young woman — model Azizi Donnelly.

There were three stages of the experiment. During each of them, one of the photographers took responsibility for the choice of clothes and location, and two other had to take pictures in the provided environment.

“We have totally different styles, but we all use kinda the same equipment,” Kobeissi says. “So it’s gonna be interesting to see what we come up with.”

These are are photographs taken by Jessica Kobeissi:


Photos taken by Irene Rudnyk:


Portraits taken by Ruby James:


Photographers said that they were inspired by a similar experiment by Canon Australia in late 2015. Six photographers were asked to take a portrait of the same man — introduced as a different person to each of them. For each of the shoots the actor played a new role: a millionaire, a fisherman, a recovering alcoholic, an ex-inmate, a psychic, and someone who has saved a life.

Canon later organized several similar experiments — photographers were asked to take pictures of the same objects and come up with an idea for a photo in an empty studio.

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