Joseph Sywenkyj Presents a Project About Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers

The photographer launched a website of the project called “Rany” (Wounds) about military men and Maidan activists who have been severely wounded and maimed.

An American photographer of Ukrainian origin, Joseph Sywenskuj, presented the project “Rany” (Wounds) featuring Ukrainian soldiers, Maidan activists, and their stories.

Some of these men lost an arm or a leg, while others are double, triple or quadruple amputees. Others were taken prisoner by Russian forces and Russian supported rebels, some are battling post-traumatic stress disorder. “Each of these men has several things in common: pain — severe physical and emotional pain and the daunting task of adapting to a new post-injury life,” states the website of the project.

According to Sywenski, the goal of the project is to educate Ukrainians about the massive task of helping wounded soldiers and activists return to normal life.

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(All photos by Joseph Sywenkyj /

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